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The BeatIt online store is run by beatit.tv – the drummers’ website.

BeatIt Online Store

An online store is one more aspect of our activities which makes us boldly look ahead while making our vision of what BeatIt is to be come true in the future. It i sour goal for all of you to have access to something more than the materials we post on our website. Just as much as it is nice to have a T-Shirt of your favourite band which you bought at their gig and which now makes you go back to those fond memories, we would like you to have an opportunity to own something that says: ‘I belong to the BeatIt gang. I’m obsessed with drums and I’m fine with it’.

Currently, we offer you T-Shirts with a beatit.tv logo, but rest assured – we will not stop at that. Soon, you will be able to drink your tea or coffee from our mug, mark time with our calendar or diary, write using our pen, protect your head from the sun and rain with our caps and hats, even play with our signature sticks and practice on pads with our star or skull on. Please, visit our online store! In this way, you help us in our work! Thank you for your support so far and we’re hoping for more!